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Fantastic Literature is the UK's largest and best online purveyor of out of print books, rare books and used books in the genres of science fiction,, fantasy, horror, crime, thrillers, ghost stories, weird tales and macabre fiction, historical fiction, vintage SF, Horror & Crime, small press, fanzines and graphic novels both in paperback, hardcover and magazines, signed books and uncorrected proof copies.. 19,000+ titles currently for sale. Payment via Credit Card, Paypal and UK cheque accepted. Delivery details. We are proud to pay our taxes in the UK unlike some stores!

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Breaking News: Our esteemed E-Bay store has reopened you can see a selection of signed, limited editions there as well at great prices and our brand new illustrated booklist K15 is now on line. "SANTA" has a superb selection of 200+ new titles in wondrous condition and it is fully illustrated. You have to view now! Want a hard copy? Just email us and ask. This is the future of out-of-print bookselling!

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Just in: today 'Malevolent Visitants' by C E Ward (Sarob Press) signed limited edition and 'Terror Tales of the Ocean' edited byy Paul Finch and recent stock BLACK STATIC 50 and only one left of these: 'The Gift of the Kosmos Cometh!' edited by Daminan Murphy & Geticus Polus ( (Ex Occidente) limited edition of just 100 copies and 'Welcome to the Arms Race' by Justin isis (Chomu Press). "Blood Red" by Paul Kane (SST) signed liimited edition, "November Night Tales" by Henry C Mercer (Swan River Press) limited edition and we've just restocked "Scar City" by Joel Lane (Eibonvale) and 'Testament' by Hal Duncan (Eibonvale Press) signed edition. We still have copies of Orcs: Tales of Maras-Dantia by Stan Nicholls and The Light Warden by Liz Williams (NEWCON Press) in signed limited editions, Interzone 261 & Black Static 49, also back in stock on our new arrivals page is "Romances of the White Day" signed limited edition from Sarob press, also due any day now and available for pre-order 'Ruination in Bloom' by Charles Schneider limited edition. and 'Voices of the Damned' by Barbie Wilde (Short Scary tales) and 'Blue on Blue' by Quentin S Crisp & 'Jottings for a Far Away Place' by Brendan Connel (Snuggly Books) we still have copies of "Hortholary - Tales from Montagascony" by Michael Reynier (Tartarus Press) and "In the City of Ghosts" by Michael Chislett (Sarob Press) limited edition , Click here for further information and ordering details on any of these titles on our new arrivals page.


Rare Book Display Case - a few choice treasures from the vaults





Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino (1st edition, 1st novel)


The Death Mask and other stories by H D Everett

John metcalfe. Nightmare Jack (Ash Tree Press) limited edition.
Masques of Satan by Reggie Oliver (Ash Tree Press)
Robert Aickman - Sub Rosa, 1st ediiton in very fine condition.
David Gemmell. Drenai Tales Vol.3 - signed limited edition
Stephen Baxter. The Time Ships (Harper) scarce proof copy in proof dw.
Keith Roberts "Pavane" Doubleday - signed copy
"Flaxman Low - Psychic Detective" by Pritchard & Hesketh

Stephen King's Christine (Macdonald) 1st UK edition, signed and dated copy

Robert A Heinlein. Red Planet (Gollancz) 1963, 1st UK edition


We buy and sell the following genres and the books by some of our favourite authors listed below:

Science Fiction Books (SF or Sci Fi) - Science Fiction books are stories about an imaginary fantastic future, especially about space travel or about other planets or a science fantasy, typically based on scientific discoveries or scientific developments, environmental changes, space travel, or life on other planets, forms part of the plot or background. Sometimes referred to as Speculative Fiction, sub genres include Alternate History, Robert Conroy, Harry Turtledove and Keith Roberts write in this sub genre, and Slipstream Fiction as well as Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who and other TV and film related material. Popular Science Fiction authors include Robert Adams, Brian Aldiss, Roger MacBride Allen, Kevin J Anderson, Poul Anderson, Catherine Asaro, Neal Asher, Isaac Asimov, Margaret Atwood, J G Ballard, Iain Banks, John Barnes, Stephen Baxter, Barrington J Bayley, Elizabeth Bear, Greg Bear, Gregory Benford, Alfred Bester, James Blish, Terry Bisson, Ben Bova, John Boyd, Leigh Brackett, Ray Bradbury, David Brin, Eric Brown, Fredric Brown, Tobias S Buckell, Lois McMaster Bujold, Richard Calder, Orson Scott Card, Jack L Chalker, C J Cherryh, Deborah Chester, Arthur C Clarke, Hal Clement, Adrian Cole, Edmund Cooper, John Dalmas, Jack Dann, Philip K Dick, Gordon R Dickson, William C Dietz, Thomas M Disch, Harlan Ellison, Christopher Evans, Mick Farren, Philip Jose Farmer, Paul di Filippo, Michael Flynn, Jeffrey Ford, Alan Dean Foster, William Fortschen, David Gerrold, William Gibson, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Harry Harrison, Joe Haldeman, Edmund Hamilton, Peter F Hamilton, Robert A Heinlein, Frank Herbert, Arthur Herzog, Philip E High, James P Hogan, Fred and Trevor Hoyle, John Kessel, Garry Kilworth, C M Kornbluth, R A Lafferty, Sterling Lanier, Keith Laumer,Murray Leinster, Ursula Le Guin, Ken Macleod, Ian R Macleod, Anne McCaffrey, Paul McAuley, Jack McDevitt, Ian McDonald, Vonda N Mcintyre, Barry Malzberg, R M Meluch, Walter M Miller, L E Modesitt Jr. Elizabeth Moon, C L Moore, Richard Morgan, Janet Morris, Larry Niven, Andre Norton, Alan E Nourse, H Beam Piper, Charles Platt, Frederik Pohl, Christopher Priest, John Rankine, Mike Resnick, Adam Roberts, Kenneth Robeson, Kim Stanley Robinson, Spider Robinson, E F Russell, Geoff Ryman, Fred Saberhagen, Nick Sagan, Pamela Sargent, Robert J Sawyer, John Scalzi, Charles Sheffield, Sharon Shinn, Robert Silverberg, Clifford Simak, John Sladek, E E "Doc" Smith, Brian Stableford, Olaf Stapledon, Christopher Stasheff, Allen Steele, Neal Stephenson, Bruce Sterling, S M Stirling, Bob Shaw, Charles Stross, William Tenn, Sheri S Tepper, Walter Tevis, Patrick Tilley, James Tiptree Jr, E C Tubb, Wilson Tucker, Jack Vance, John Varley, Jules Verne, Vernor Vinge, Howard Waldrop, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Ian Watson, Jack Williamson, David Weber, H G Wells, James White, Kate Wilhelm, Connie Willis, Robert Charles Wilson, Gene Wolfe,John Wyndham, Timothy Zahn, Roger Zelazny and David Zindell. The best selling UK science fiction magazine is Interzone. Comic SF is enjoyed by many particularly through the writings of the late, great Douglas Adams, Ron Goulart, Rob Grant and Robert Sheckley. Edgar Rice Burroughs was one of the earliest exponents of interplanetary romance. Terry Carr, John Carnell, Gardner Dozois, Damon Knight and Martin Greenberg have edited many SF anthologies

Fantasy Books- Fantasy Books are stories of an imaginative or fantastical nature, especially one dealing with supernatural or weird and unnatural events or characters. Fantasy books can take place on other planets or on various forms of Earth. Current sub genres include Contemporary Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, High Fantasy, Historical Fantasy and Science Fantasy. Favourite authors include Joe Abercrombie, Piers Anthony, Kelley Armstrong, Robert Asprin, James Barclay, James Blaylock, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Chaz Brenchley, Terry Brooks, Emma Bull, Jonathan Carroll, Lin Carter, Susanna Clarke, Glen Cook, Louise Cooper, Susan Cooper, Richard Cowper, John Crowley, L Sprague de Camp, Charles De Lint, Stephen Donaldson, David Drake, Lord Dunsany, David Eddings, Steven Erikson, Raymond E Feist, Esther Friesner, Neil Gaiman, Alan Garner, Jane Gaskell, Mary Gentle, Terry Goodkind, John Grant, Simon R Green, Ed Greenwood, Barbara Hambly, Elizabeth Hand, Kim Harrison, Simon Hawke, Robin Hobb, Robert Holdstock, Robert E Howard, Robert Jordan, Guy Gavriel Kay, Katherine Kurtz, Mercedes Lackey, Stephen R Lawhead, Tanith Lee, Jane Lindskold, Patricia McKillip, Juliet Marillier, George R R Martin, Michael Moorcock,China Mieville, Andrew J Offut, John Norman, Naomi Novik, K J Parker, Mervyn Peake, Tim Powers, Christopher Rowley, Sean Russell, R A Salvatore, Michael Shea, Lucius Shepard, Will Shetterly, Thomas Burnett Swann, Lisa Tuttle, J R R Tolkien, Jeff Vandermeer, Robert E Vardeman, Margaret Weis, Tad Williams, Scott Westerfield,Janny Wurts and Sarah Zettel. Comic fantasy is a sub genre best typified by the author Terry Pratchett, Robert Rankin, Tom Holt and Craig Shaw Gardner. Animal fantasy stories are also popular, Richard Adams, Brian Jacques and William Horwood write in this sub genre. Fantasy books that can be enjoyed by adults and young people as well is typified in the works of Eion Colfer, J K Rowling, Philip Pullman and Jonathan Stroud. Conan is the most recognised S&S hero of all time. Mike Ashley and Ellen Datlow have edited a number of fantasy anthologies.

Horror Books - Horror books are stories intended to scare the living daylights, unsettle, or horrify the reader. Many argue that SF was born from horror. Historically, the cause of the "horror" experience has often been the intrusion of an evil and/or, occasionally, misunderstood supernatural elements into everyday human experience, Vampires, Ghosts and Zombies would fall into this category. Popular authors of horror books include Robert Aickman, Clive Barker, Michael Bishop, Algernon Blackwood, William Peter Blatty, Robert Bloch, Poppy Z Brite, Jim Butcher, Ramsey Campbell, Trudi Canavan, Hugh B Cave, Basil Copper, Simon Clark, August Derleth, Joe Donnelly, John Farris, Christopher Fowler, Stephen Gallagher, Ray Garton, Charlaine Harris, William Hope Hodgson, James Herbert, Joe Hill, Charlie Huston, Shaun Hutson, Carl Jacobi, K W Jeter, Graham Joyce, Brian Keene, Jack Ketchum, Stephen King, T E D Klein, Sarah Langan, Richard Laymon, Stephen Laws, Edward Lee, Bentley Little, Frank Belknap Long, Tim Lebbon, Fritz Leiber, Ira Levin, H P Lovecraft, Brian Lumley, John Lymington, Robert McCammon, Graham Masterton, Richard Matheson, Stephenie Meyer, Thomas F Monteleone, David Morrell, Mark Morris, Edgar Allen Poe, Anne Rice, Phil Rickman, Dan Simmons, Clark Ashton Smith, Guy N Smith, Peter Straub, Whitley Strieber,Thomas Tessier, Peter Tremayne, Karl Edward Wagner, Manly Wade Wellman, J N Williamson, F Paul Wilson, Colin Wilson, Dennis Wheatley and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. Horror anthologies are popular, Peter Haining, Stephen Jones, and Herbert Van Thal have edited many. Black Static is a UK magazine with dark fantasy and horror. Dracula is arguably the most memorable horror anti hero.

Crime Books - Crims books are stories that deal with crimes, their detection, criminals, and their motives. It is usually distinguished from mainstream fiction and other genres such as science fiction or historical fiction, but boundaries can be blurred. It has several sub-genres, including detective fiction (including the whodunnit), legal thrillers, police precedural fiction, courtroom dramas, and hard boiled fiction. Notable crime authors include Stephen Booth, Lawrence Block, Ken Bruen, James Lee Burke, Michael Connelly, John Connolly, Harlan Coben, Agatha Christie, Robert Crais, Jeffery Deaver, Colin Dexter, Michael Dibdin, Arthur Conan Doyle, James Ellroy, Tess Gerritsen, Sue Grafton, Peter James, Carl Hiaasen, Jonathan Kellerman, Simon Kernick, Philip Kerr, Donna Leon, Elmore Leonard, Stuart McBride, Walter Mosley, Ngaio Marsh, George P Pelecanos, Ian Rankin, Kathy Reichs, Craig Russell, Jim Thompson, John Creasey, Erle Stanley Gardner and Joseph Wambaugh. Arguably the finest fictional detective of all time is Sherlock Holmes. Historical crime can be considered a sub-genre and popular exponents include Ellis Peters, Lindsey Davis, P C Doherty and C J Sansom.

Thrillers - books that deal with fast paced, frequent action, and resourceful heroes and heroines who must thwart the plans of more-powerful and better-equipped villains. Literary devices such as suspense, red herrings, and cliffhangers are used extensively. David Baldacci, Mark Billingham, Sam Bourne, Christopher Brookmyre, Dan Brown, Brian Callison, Lee Child, Tom Clancy, Michael Crichton, Clive Cussler, William Diehl, Michael Dobbs, Ian Fleming, Nicci French, Frederick Forsyth, John Gardner, Lisa Gardner, Robert Goddard, Ed Gorman, Mo Hayder, Hammond Innes, Dean Koontz, Joe R Lansdale, Robert Ludlum, Alistair Maclean, Andy McNab, James Patterson, Douglas Preston, Andrew Pyper, Michael marshall Smith, Tony Strong and Stuart Woods are renowned for writing quality thrillers.

Weird Tales and Macabre - books and stories that are characterized by a grim or ghastly atmosphere. Probably the best examples of this type of fiction were published in Weird Tales which started in 1923. Peter Ackroyd, Robert W Chambers, Rhys Hughes, Sheridan Le Fanu, Arthur Machen, A. Merritt, Seabury Quinn, Saki, Bram Stoker, Sax Rohmer and Henry Rider Haggard are often quoted as writers within this genre.In these works, there is an emphasis on the details and symbols of death. Macabre themes are often preoccupations in the Goth subculture.

Ghost stories - books or stories that includes a ghost, or simply takes as a premise the possibility of ghosts or the belief of some character(s) in them. M R James is considered by many to be the best ever writer of ghost stories. Ambrose Bierce, A. E. Coppard, Nathaniel Hawthorne, R Chetwynd-Hayes, Susan Hill and M P Shiel are favourites of ours.

Historical fiction- a novel or a story in which the story is set among historical events, or more generally, in which the time of the action predates the lifetime of the author. As such, the historical novel is distinguished from the alternate-history genre. Notable authors include .Patrick O'Brian. Bernard Cornwell, Cecelia Holland, Alexander Kent, George McDonald Fraser, Conn Iggulden, John Jakes, Allan Mallinson, Valerio Massimo Manfredi, Robert Harris, Wilbur Smith and Robyn Young

Vintage Paperbacks and Magazines - We do have some stock of these items, some of our favourite publishers with the lovely lurid covers are Curtis Warren, Scion, Digit and John Spencer who published the Badger books. We also have stocks of New Worlds and Science Fantasy Magazines as well as a host of Doc Savage titles. John Russell Fearn is a great favourite of ours.

Small Press - We are delighted to be able to support small press publishing through the site, currently we stock books from the legendary Arkham House, Ash-Tree Press, British Fantasy Society, Dead Letter Press, Eibonvale Press, Elastic Press, Fedogan & Bremer, Gray Friar Press, GrimGrin Studio, The Haunted Library, HumDrumming Books, Mythos Books, Necronomicon Press, award winning PS Publishing, Rainfall Books, Sarob Press, Tartarus Press, Telos Publishing and TTA Press, though this list is not exhaustive and we stock a wide range of small press items. We are proud to be the sole European agents for Ex Occidente press. W are now stocking the wondrously sumptuous titles from Centipede Press as well, well worth a look!

Graphic Novels - A graphic novel is a type of comic book, usually with a lengthy and complex storyline similar to those of novels, and often aimed at mature audiences. Some of the finest comic book writers include Alan Moore and Frank Miller. Titan Books here in the UK publish very fine graphic novels in the States it's DC Comics Marvel Comics and Dark Horse Comics. Heavy Metal is a graphic magazine that is well respected and loved.

Fanzines We are constantly looking for quality fanzines and we've purchased a number of Dr Who, Star Trek and Blake's Seven fanzines. They are well preserved and essential reading for the serious fan.

Pirate Books, Books about Sharks, and Dinosaur Books - not sure if these are sub-genres we just think they are cool.

(Author footnotes from Wikipedia unless otherwise specified)

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