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Out of the Woodwork 207 March 2014
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Welcome to our newsletter, it contains up to the minute news and gossip as well as awards details and items that sometime require help from the collective consciousness. If you wish to contribute please do so! This is a big newsletter, there's an awful lot been going on in the past month. All of these stories and images have appeared previously on our Facebook page which is usually updated daily - when we take a break from cataloguing the books!


Which UK small press has been awarded the prestigous Horror Writers Association’s Specialty Press Award for 2013? We know!
Anne Rice is bringing back her vampire antihero with 'Prince Lestat'
Just to whet the appetite we've another trailer for the new Game of Thrones series - starting very soon.
In the same vein here's the first trailer for the new Sin City movie too.
Carry On star Kenneth Williams granted blue plaque - Carry on Screaming - my first horror film
Who has won the CWA 2014 Diamond Dagger Award - we have the full details
The BFSA have announced their nominations for the BSFA awards, full details

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Obituaries:.Writer and editor Alan Rodgers, 54, died March 8, 2014 in Anaheim CA

Department of Smug Self Satisfaction - what our kind customers have to say about the fantastic experience!
Silly Stuff. Some of the entertaining images we've found during the last few weeks - plenty more on our facebook page.

Latest new arrivals . There's a host of new books for your delecation. The Master of the House by John Gaskin, in a signed limited edition from Tartarus Press, Here with the Shadows in a signed edition fro Swan River Press, Elegies & Requiems by Colin INsole in a limited edition from Side Real Press. The paperback limited edition of Reggie Oliver's Flowers of the Sea (Tartarus Press). The Emperor's Pavement and Cities and Thrones and Powers both by John Howard in limited editions from Les Edition de L'Oubli and finally, but not least Dark Discoveries 26 - a Weird West special.

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io9 - 30 cult movies that everyone must see - how many have you seen?
The Edgar nominees have been announced by the Mystery Writers of America

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Gray Friar Press, of Whitby, U.K., will receive the Horror Writers Association’s Specialty Press Award for 2013. The Award will be presented during the Bram Stoker Awards® Banquet, to be held this during the World Horror Convention in Portland, Oregon, on May 10, 2014.

The annual Specialty Press Award recognizes a publisher outside the mainstream New York City publishing community that specializes in dark-themed fiction. Winners are typically “small presses” specializing in limited editions, small print runs, or the work of new and relatively unknown authors. The winner of the award is determined by a majority vote of the Horror Writers Association (HWA) Board. HWA

A generation before "Twilight" stole teen girls' hearts, Anne Rice's "Interview With the Vampire" and its sequels explored the romance and eroticism of the vampire myth. No matter who was telling the stories of their loves and misdeeds, the vampire Lestat was at the center of the story, a magnetic, selfish antihero.
The undead Lestat, who was played by Tom Cruise in the 1994 film "Interview With the Vampire," will return in a new novel in October. Rice announced the upcoming publication of "Prince Lestat" on "The Dinner Party," an Internet show co-hosted by Christopher Rice, her son. LA Times

For those of you, like us, who are waiting for Game of Thrones here's another trailer for the new series.

Sin City. A Dame to Kill for - another stunning trailer for you


Comic and Carry On star Kenneth Williams has been honoured with a blue plaque in central London on what would have been his 88th birthday. The English Heritage plaque was installed on the block in Farley Court on Marylebone Road, where the comic lived for seven years in the 1960s. Do you remember "Carry on Screaming"?

The Crime Writers’ Association is delighted to announce that the 2014 Diamond Dagger will be awarded to Simon Brett.

The Diamond Dagger is voted for by members of the CWA and celebrates an author with an outstanding body of work in crime fiction. Past winners include Val McDermid, Ian Rankin, Frederick Forsyth and Elmore Leonard. In 2013 the award went to Lee Child
Simon Brett is the author of over ninety books, most of them crime novels, including the Charles Paris, Mrs Pargeter, Fethering and Blotto & Twinks series. His psychological thriller, A Shock to the System, was filmed starring Michael Caine. For radio he wrote No Commitments, Smelling of Roses and After Henry, which was also successful on television

The BSFA Awards draw on nominations from their membership, and in the case of the Best Novel Award are open to UK publications only.

Best Novel

God’s War by Kameron Hurley (Del Rey)

Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie (Orbit)

Evening’s Empires by Paul McAuley (Gollancz)

Ack-Ack Macaque by Gareth L. Powell (Solaris)

The Adjacent by Christopher Priest (Gollancz)

Best Short Fiction

Spin by Nina Allan (TTA Press)

“Selkie Stories are for Losers” by Sofia Samatar (Strange Horizons)

“Saga’s Children” by E. J. Swift (The Lowest Heaven, Pandemonium)

“Boat in Shadows, Crossing” by Tori Truslow (Beneath Ceaseless Skies)

Best Artwork

Cover for Tony Ballantyne’s Dream London by Joey Hi-fi (Solaris)

Poster for Metropolis by Kevin Tong (

“The Angel at the Heart of the Rain” by Richard Wagner (Interzone #246)

Best Non-Fiction

Wonderbook by Jeff VanderMeer (Abrams Image)

“Going Forth by Night” by John J. Johnston (Unearthed, Jurassic)

“Sleeps with Monsters” by Liz Bourke (

The winners will be announced in a ceremony at the Satellite4 Eastercon convention the Crown Plaza Hotel, Glasgow Sunday 20th April 2014. BSFA Prize-winners will receive a coveted BSFA trophy. Also in the ceremony will be the annual James White Award announcing its short story competition winner.


Alan Paul Rodgers was born August 11, 1959 in Montclair NJ. He began publishing fantasy with Stoker Award winner and World Fantasy Award nominee “The Boy who Came Back from the Dead” (1987). Debut horror novel Blood of the Children (1989) was a Stoker finalist.

Department of Smug Self Satisfaction.

1 .I honestly could not be happier with my purchase. Nicest book I own at an excellent price. Will definitely be looking at purchasing another book from this seller. (Amazon US)

2. On February 6th I ordered a used book from you, via Later that same day, I was notified that the book had been shipped from your store, and today I'm happy to report that it was in my mailbox when I checked this morning -- just thirteen days after ordering.

The book ("Clipjoint," by Wilhelmina Baird) is as advertised on Amazon -- unread, as far as I can tell -- and I appreciate that very much, since I've previously purchased used books from other online vendors that turned out to be of somewhat lower quality than was advertised. I'd also like to thank you for the extremely prompt delivery ... and perhaps ask you if you could give Canada Post some lessons in quick shipping.

3. Exceptional service, book arrived within 24 hours! Loved the careful packaging too, many thanks

Silly stuff; Some of the more amusing pictures and jokes we've found on the internet over the past month.

Interesting fact of the day: Hogwarts school motto "Draco domiens nunquam titillandus" is Latin for "Never tickle a sleeping dragon".


How are the mighty fallen

New arrivals for your delectation:- 

THE MASTER OF THE HOUSE by John Gaskin (Tartarus Press) signed limited edition

The twelve ‘Tales of Twilight and Borderlands’ that make up The Master of the House are in the classic tradition of English ghost stories and tales of the unknown. They are recounted with a powerful sense of place: winter on an unfrequented moor, Oxford railway station in the 1950s, high summer near a legendary Roman camp, a Victorian suburb in London, a college VIII rowing home on a December evening, a railway journey delayed by frost and snow into endless night. The narratives are touched with sardonic humour and a feeling for things past and to come that make the unexpected a sometimes terrible reality

For order information and price click on the image

HERE WITH THE SHADOWS by Steve Rasnic Tem (Swan River) signed edition

These stories by award-winning author Steve Rasnic Tem drag from the darkness ghosts that haunt us all. Between these covers lurk the spectres of grief, loss, and loneliness: a man discovers he is far from alone in his empty home, a forlorn wife is gifted with an unusual child, a contractor contemplates the sad message left by a grieving father, a blind woman discovers a spiritual manifestation at the edge of a forest, a spectral presence appears in a lonesome Colorado wheat field

For order information and price click on the image

ELEGIES & REQUIEMS by Colin Insole (Side Real Press) limited edition

1st edition, limited to 300 copies. Elegies and Requiems'is the first major collection by this hugely talented writer and contains eighteen stories, nine of which are unique to this volume

For order information and price click on the image

FLOWERS OF THE SEA by Reggie Oliver (Tartarus Press) signed limited edition

This sixth collection of ‘strange stories’ by Reggie Oliver follows the award winning Mrs Midnight (2011). Oliver’s variety of subject matter, wit, characterisation and stylistic elegance are on display, as is his gift for telling a good story

For order information and price click on the image

THE EMPEROR'S PAVEMENT by John Howard, (Les Editions de L'Oubli) limited edition.

1st edition, limited to 141 copies. John Howard loves the city of Berlin and has been there many times. From what I can gather these pages reflect his intimate relationship with the city.

For order information and price click on the image

CITIES AND THRONES AND POWERS by John Howard (Les Editions de L'Oubli) limited edition

1st edition, limited to 141 copies. A beautiful collection with full-color jacket, printed endpapers, marking ribbon, full-color frontice-piece and several full-color fold-out illustrations

For order information and price click on the image

DARK DISCOVERIES 26 - Weird West special (Journalstone)

1st edition. All new Fiction by: Gary A. Braunbeck, Hank Schwaeble, David Liss, Norman Partridge and Gemma Files. Interviews with: David Liss, Chelsie Aryn, Joe Bob Briggs and Quentin Tarantino

For order information and price click on the image
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