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John Middleton Murry, Jr. (May 9, 1926 – March 31, 2002) was an English writer who used the names Colin Murry and Richard Cowper.

His first novel, the autobiographical The Golden Valley, was finished in 1954 but not published until 1958 as by Colin Murry. Publication was delayed because of the harsh criticism he had received from his father after he showed it to him following its completion. Three more novels as Colin Murry followed, the last appearing in 1972.

In the 1960s he turned to science fiction and fantasy under the pen name of Richard Cowper and attained considerable popularity. Responses to his work in the genre were mixed, with readers liking his subtle, lyrical and moving stories, but some SF critics responded harshly. Martin Amis wrote a series of harsh reviews of the Cowper books, which Murry shrugged off, saying "He grew up with a famous father too!"