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Christopher Evans (born 1951) is a British science fiction writer and children's author. His novels include Capella's Golden Eyes (1980), The Insider (1981), Mortal Remains (1995) and Ice Tower (2000). He is the co-editor (with Robert Holdstock) of three original SF anthologies, Other Edens (1987), Other Edens II (1988) and Other Edens III (1989).

In 1993 Christopher Evans won the BSFA award for the novel Aztec Century, which Iain M. Banks described as 'intelligent, finely written, and towards the end, absolutely nail-biting.'

In addition to his works for younger readers (often written under a pseudonym), he also provided the tie-in novelisation for Joe Dante's Oscar-winning feature film Innerspace, (produced by Steven Spielberg).