Fantasy Books

Fantasy Books- Fantasy Books are stories of an imaginative or fantastical nature, especially one dealing with supernatural or weird and unnatural events or characters. Fantasy books can take place on other planets or on various forms of Earth. Current sub genres include Contemporary Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, High Fantasy, Historical Fantasy and Science Fantasy. Favourite authors include Joe Abercrombie, Piers Anthony Kelley Armstrong, Robert Asprin, James Barclay, James Blaylock, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Chaz Brenchley, Terry Brooks, Emma Bull, Jonathan Carroll, Lin Carter, Susanna Clarke, Glen Cook, Louise Cooper, Susan Cooper, Richard Cowper, John Crowley, L Sprague de Camp, Charles De Lint, Stephen Donaldson, David Drake, Lord Dunsany, David Eddings, Steven Erikson, Raymond E Feist, Esther Friesner, Neil Gaiman, Alan Garner, Jane Gaskell, Mary Gentle, Terry Goodkind, John Grant, Simon R Green, Ed Greenwood, Barbara Hambly, Elizabeth Hand, Kim Harrison, Simon Hawke, Robin Hobb, Robert Holdstock, Robert E Howard, Robert Jordan, Guy Gavriel Kay, Katherine Kurtz, Mercedes Lackey, Tanith Lee, Patricia McKillip, Juliet MarillierMichael Moorcock,China Mieville, Andrew J Offut, John Norman, Naomi Novik, K J Parker, Mervyn Peake, Tim Powers, Christopher Rowley, Sean Russell, R A Salvatore, Michael Shea, Lucius Shepard, Will Shetterly, Thomas Burnett Swann, Lisa Tuttle, J R R Tolkien, Jeff Vandermeer, Robert E Vardeman, Margaret Weis, Tad Williams, Scott Westerfield,Janny Wurts and Sarah Zettel. Comic fantasy is a sub genre best typified by the author Terry Pratchett, Robert Rankin, Tom Holt and Craig Shaw Gardner. Animal fantasy stories are also popular, Richard Adams and Brian Jacques write in this sub genre. Fantasy books that can be enjoyed by adults and young people as well is typified in the works of Philip Pullman and Jonathan Stroud. Conan is the most recognised S&S hero of all time. Mike Ashley and Ellen Datlow have edited a number of fantasy anthologies.

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