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Mark Morris was born in the mining town of Bolsover in 1963, and spent his childhood in Tewkesbury, Hong Kong, Newark and Huddersfield.

He became a full-time writer in 1988 on the Enterprise Allowance Scheme, and a year later saw the release of his first novel, Toady.

Since then he has had ten further novels published, plus a short story collection, Close to the Bone, and numerous other short stories, articles and reviews in a variety of anthologies and magazines.

His latest novel, Nowhere Near An Angel, was published by PS Publishing (UK) in 2005, who also published Cinema Macabre, a book of horror movie essays by genre luminaries, which Mark has edited. And his debut novel, Toady, was re-issued in September 2006 by British independent press Humdrumming, who also plan to re-release Stitch.

He has recently completed work on a new novel, provisionally entitled Cold Harbour.