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Edwin Charles Tubb (born October 15, 1919) is a British author, primarily of science fiction. He has also written under about 20 pseudonyms, including Charles Grey, Volsted Gridban (with John Russell Fearn), Gill Hunt (with John Brunner and Dennis Hughes), Gregory Kern, King Lang (with George Hay and John W Jennison), Mike Lantry, Brian Shaw, Roy Sheldon (with H J Campbell) and Edward Thomson. He is best known for his Dumarest saga. He contributed to the Space 1999 series.

Tubb also edited the last twenty issues of Authentic Science Fiction, from the May 1956 issue through to the last issue, October 1957.

Outside the field of science fiction, Tubb wrote a number of western and other genre novels for Badger Books. These books were published under a variety of pseudonyms, including the house name "Chuck Adams" which was used by several other authors besides Tubb.

Michael Moorcock wrote "His reputation for fast-moving and colourful SF writing is unmatched by anyone in Britain."