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Arthur Wilson "Bob" Tucker (November 23, 1914 – October 6, 2006) was an American mystery, action adventure, and science fiction writer and fan. He did his fan writing under the name Bob Tucker, and is best known to the fan community under that name.

Much of his short fiction was collected in The Best of Wilson Tucker (1982).

The Lincoln Hunters, in which time-travellers from an oppressive future society seek to record Abraham Lincoln's "lost speech" of May 19, 1856, contains a vivid description of Lincoln and his time, seen through the eyes of a future American who feels that Lincoln and his time compare very favorably with the traveller's own.

The Long Loud Silence, is an early seminal work on the effects of bio-hazard, in which one half of the United States is bitterly in strife against the pandemically infected other half.

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