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Manly Wade Wellman (May 21, 1903 - April 5, 1986) was an American writer. He is best known for his fantasy and horror stories set in the Appalachian Mountains and drawing on the native folklore of that region, but he wrote in a wide variety of genres including science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, detective fiction, western fiction, juvenile fiction and non-fiction. In the later 1920s, during the silent film era, Wellmann wrote movie reviews for the Wichita Beacon. He also contributed to the writing of the comic book The Spirit while the franchise's creator, Will Eisner, was serving in the US military during World War II.

Three of Wellman's most famous reappearing protagonists are Silver John aka John the Balladeer, the wandering backwoods minstrel with a silver-stringed guitar, the elderly 'occult detective' Judge Pursuivant and the playboy/adventurer John Thunstone.